Build Your Brand Identity Beyond Logos

How Interior Designers Can Use Branding

to Build a Successful Business

IDCEC Approved: 1.5 Credits

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Build Your Brand Identity Beyond Logos

IDCEC Approved: 1.5 Credit

Cost: $49.00

Branding is a part of our everyday lives. It affects our lives in many different ways: where we shop, what we buy, and who we trust. You may not realize it, but you are a brand. You can use that brand to build an interior design career or business. In this CEU course, “Build your Brand Identity Beyond Logos: How Interior Designers Can Use Branding to Build a Successful Business,” participants will learn about branding and how to use branding to build a design career or business.

This course covers a wide range of branding topics, including the effects on buying decisions, branding types, brand strategy, and branding implementation. Additionally, attendees will work toward creating their own brand strategy through our workbook. Once completed, attendees will feel more confident and have a solid start to building a brand strategy for their design business or career.

What You Will Learn...

After completing this course, you will: 

  1. Understand branding and its impact on long-term growth
  2. Recognize how brands affect consumer buying decisions
  3. Realize the importance of building a brand for a design business
  4. Identify types of branding ideal for interior design firms
  5. Create a brand strategy document
  6. Examine and implement different branding tactics to promote your personal and business brand
  7. Receive 1.5 credits

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