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As an Interior Designer, I understand the importance of utilizing tools and resources that can help build a more profitable business. That's why I want to share with you some of the 3rd party products and software that I have found to be incredibly helpful. Some of these products are affiliate products, while others are not, but regardless of affiliation status, I truly believe that they can help gain visibility, streamline your processes, and ultimately improve your bottom line.

Resources for Interior Designers from Behind the Design 

The Complete Guide to Get Started Creating Video Content

In this 16-page comprehensive guide, you will learn how to get started creating video content that will enable you to build your brand awareness, promote your interior design services, and reach more potential customers.

We cover everything from the equipment needed to sharing your video across multiple platforms.

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An Interior Designer's Guide to Building a Profitable Sales Funnel

If you don’t know where to start or are uncertain about how to get more clients using a sales funnel, this free download can help.

An Interior Designer’s Guide to Building a Profitable Sales Funnel offers…

  • Understanding the sales funnel
  • A step-by-step guide to brainstorm your sales funnel.
  • 10 Tips for an Effective Sales Funnel

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150 Blog Posts Your Audience Will Love

We've developed a game-changing resource to streamline your blogging process: "150 Blog Post Ideas for Architects and Interior Designers."

This curated list offers 50 monthly topics tailored specifically for architects, residential and commercial designers, ensuring you stay abreast of seasonal trends and maintain consistency in your writing! 

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Recommended Books

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