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At Behind the Design we offer interior designers unrivaled education, marketing and business courses, software training, podcast (coming soon), and coaching you need to make more money, gain more visibility, and create careers and businesses you love.

In 2015, at a pivotal moment in my career, I faced the heartbreak of losing a key client. It was a moment of realization that I wasn't delivering my best to clients, and I was burnt out.

It became evident that a career change was in order. I embarked on a journey of education, working in architecture firms, and even teaching at a design school. Yet, the fulfillment I sought remained elusive. Frustrated by inefficiencies and a lack of engaging projects in the architectural world, I longed for a new challenge and the opportunity to make a meaningful impact. After some soul-searching, I discovered my true calling in interior design

In 2019, I founded GA Interior Solutions, offering design, drafting, and 3D modeling services while sharing valuable marketing insights through a blog. As time passed, GA Interior Solutions evolved into Behind the Design—a dedicated platform for interior designers seeking education, coaching, and training. Having taught and guided hundreds of designers, I'm committed to sharing the knowledge I've gained along the way to help you achieve greater success, increased visibility, and a profound love for your interior design career or business.

Welcome to Behind the Design, where it's never too late to get started and your journey to success begins.

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