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Building a stronger design community by reimagining how we train, educate, and support interior designers beyond college.

Founded by Jacqueline Green, an experienced commercial interior designer and adjunct college instructor, who saw a need in the design community. After working for several architectural firms, Jacqueline found amazing designers and architects struggling with different aspects of their business. Whether it was software expertise, marketing the business or developing staff, each organization had significant pain points.

See, prior to going back to school, graduating at the top of her class, and becoming an interior designer, Jacqueline had spent over 20 years working in both large corporations and small businesses, leading and training teams. With an extensive background in business and marketing, she realized she had a skill set that not only enabled her to help design firms overcome their pain points, but also fulfill a greater internal need to make a difference and help others. GA Interior Solutions’ Behind the Design was born.   


How we Help Interior Designers

We are reimagining education, training, and support for interior designers.


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