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Introducing Revit Mastery for Interior Designers: A Tailored, Comprehensive Course Designed for You

3d modeling with revit how to revit learn revit revit course for interior designers revit for interior designers revit training software for interior designers Oct 20, 2023
How to use revit for interior design training course

Are you Revit Ready or Not?

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I hear time and time again from interior designers struggling in their careers and businesses because they don’t have the Revit skills to reach the next level. Many designers want to learn Revit, but the available training programs aren’t specific to their needs, or they just don’t have time to sit in a conference room for several days.

It is time to look at learning Revit differently. Training is a necessity, especially in an evolving industry. However, it doesn’t have to be hard, nor does it need to be time-consuming. I am so proud to offer a new training program that is tailored to the specific needs of Interior Designers. “Revit Mastery for Interior Designers” is unique in that it allows the designer to have a one-on-one live training experience along with the support of videos.

Revit Mastery for Interior Designers is a comprehensive program that empowers interior designers to harness the full potential of AutoDesk Revit, revolutionizing their approach to design projects.

This comprehensive training program is designed with flexibility in mind. The course offers a customizable learning experience that caters to interior designers' individual needs and schedules. With ten live 90-minute one-on-one training sessions led by a seasoned Revit instructor, participants will receive hands-on training and guidance to master this powerful design tool.

After completing your ten training sessions, you will gain:

  • A comprehensive understanding of 3D modeling in Revit
  • An ability to effortlessly pull together different views of your design, including elevations, sections, 3D perspectives, and 2D plans.
  • Create comprehensive construction documents, including finish & furniture plans, schedules, and finish details with confidence.

Each session includes 90-minute one-on-one training covering a variety of topics. We will start by learning the basics, like interface, navigation, and simple modeling. In the following session, we will use a CAD drawing to create a project. We will add more functions and details each week, including floors, elevations, sections, schedules, and furniture & finish plans. By session 10, you will have the know-how to create a complete set of construction documents.

Though this program is laid out with topics covered each week, it is customizable to your specific learning style, needs, and questions. In addition, you will have practice exercises each session so you can use the skills you learned, helping you progress through the material faster. Each session has support videos to help you after the session is open.

As part of the training program, you will also receive unlimited access to our online Revit course.

Most design jobs at larger firms now require Revit skills, even for management positions. Even small firms are realizing switching to Revit will save them time, increase efficiency, and improve collaboration. Now, with Revit Lt, the software is available to residential designers at a fraction of the cost of the full Revit product, yet it meets 99% of the needs for a residential project.

Unfortunately, because this training program is one-on-one and highly focused on your individual needs, I can only accept five interior designers per month. Trainees will schedule their training sessions per their schedule, making it easy to go through the program as fast or slow as desired.

If you are ready to learn Revit, schedule a call with me to discuss your needs and learn more about how the program works. Don’t forget to take the Revit-Ready or Not Quiz to discover your Revit superpower.

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