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10 Must-Ask Questions to Develop a Brand Strategy for your Interior Design Business

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Getting started with branding for interior designers

Earlier this year, I posted an article about branding and its importance to growing your interior design business. Before you move to develop your brand strategy, you may want to start with a brainstorming session. Using the 10 questions below, you will want to identify your brand today and where you want to take it in the future.

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You may think branding is just logos and colors on your website, but it is so much more. For an interior designer who probably doesn’t have a marketing degree, marketing, and more specifically, branding may feel a bit overwhelming. That feeling is reasonable, and you are not alone. Worrying about branding can easily be ignored for more pressing things like deadlines. However, if you want to build and grow an interior design business beyond today, branding is a big part of that continued success.

Introduction to Brand Strategy Document

When creating a brand beyond a logo or specific colors, you will want to create a brand strategy, a document that will spell out who you are as a business, what promises you make to your target market, and what personality your business conveys to your audience. I bet you may have this information already hidden away in your brain, but the point of developing a strategy is to put it on paper and look at it as a whole. By developing a branding strategy, you will have a direction to pursue, making your branding efforts more straightforward and less overwhelming.

10 Questions to Ask When Developing a Brand Strategy

The first step is to brainstorm answers to these questions. Jot down your thoughts.

  • What is my brand story today?
  • Why did I create this brand?
  • Where do I want the brand to go?
  • Who do I want to serve with my brand?
  • What problem(s) does my brand solve?
  • How does or will the brand make people feel?
  • Why will customers want to buy from my brand?
  • Why do customers return to my brand?
  • If my brand was a person, what characteristics would it exhibit?
  • How will I grow my brand?

Once you have your notes, identify common themes as you read through your notes. What stands out to you? Using this brainstorm, you can now start putting your thoughts into a brand strategy document. Be sure to check out “Six Things to Include in Your Interior Design Brand Strategy.”

Want more on creating a brand? Check out our newly launched course "Build Your Brand Identity Beyond Logos: How Interior Designers Can Use Branding to Build a Successful Design Business". This is a 1.5 IDCEC credited course and is $49!

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