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10 New LinkedIn Posting Ideas You May Have Missed

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10 Social Media Tips for Interior Designers

Are you tired of using the same old-school postings on your LinkedIn and getting little to no results? If this sounds like you, we have the perfect solution. Today, we will give you 10 of the best tricks for spicing up your posts and gaining the exposure you deserve on LinkedIn.

We already know how social media has pushed business directly to our fingertips, and LinkedIn is not an exception to that. However, to be in the game, you need to be unique and relevant, and to succeed in that, you need to modify your content. We have brought some of the newest working ideas for posting on LinkedIn, not to fret.

So, without further ado, let’s get started.


1. Make Features More Human

Imagine using a website with a simple ‘employee needed’ request and nothing else. Sounds boring right? Yeah, it does! Experts have advised making your posts visually and emotionally pleasing whenever you want your post to reach out to the crowd. People love to read stories they can relate to involving a human edge.

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In short, you must make your posts easy to understand and engage back with them simultaneously. Try to narrate your services in a way that people will resonate with professionally and/or personally. Doing this will put you at the forefront to grab the attention of high-profile persons of interest.

Avoid using vague words and complex vocabulary. However, keep in mind that you are working in a professional field. Therefore, no matter what you post, try to maintain your tone as respectful and straightforward as possible. This will be a cherry on the top for your potential clients because you already exemplify how professional you can be.


2. Challenge Different Perspectives to Trending News Stories

So, you have a story to post, but what makes you so sure that everyone will love your post? Will they even stop to read any of it?

The thing is, if you want your viewpoint to be differentiated from others, try to narrate your side of the story from a unique angle. There may be hundreds of posts regarding the story you are coming up with. But if yours takes a different approach, it will surely pique the interest of hundreds of viewers.

Try to look thoroughly into the subject before addressing it. You always want to make sure your posts are credible and contain only factual information. Make sure to use a different tone than the original authors when posing your stance.


3. Promote Free or Discounted Products and Services

We are all up for free stuff! Even if the product wasn’t a need prior to initial discovery. When having the opportunity to work or pay less, as humans who primally choose the easiest way out possible to avoid energy burnout - free or discounted products give us an instant dopamine rush. Offering some free incentives for your connections will also strengthen your connection with them on LinkedIn.

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The best tactic is to play the empathy card. Try to walk in the shoes of your targeted audience. Whenever you are offering some services, try to think about what you would like to have, being in their place.

This might also vary drastically according to the industries you are targeting. For example, as a residential interior designer, you could offer a free virtual 30-minute consultation. Whereas, if you are a commercial designer, you might offer a free brand analysis and office review. Sounds exciting, right?!

Switch from dull, boring posts to engaging ones while including what the audience will get in return for the services.


4. Provide Bite Size Tips

Let me tell you a secret! The LinkedIn algorithm works the best when you remain on their page. In short, you don't necessarily have to drive LinkedIn users away from the platform to have a rushing crowd to your website. Try out some text-only posts, as they are best for building up your profile rather than those having external links.

LinkedIn doesn’t like its users getting away from their site and landing on other websites drawing away from their ad spend. Your post will have a higher promotional value if it has some exciting text content directly on the platform versus just the title of a blog and “learn more.” Using this strategy, you will build the trust of your clients.

You can make text-only content by generating tiny or bite-sized tips. These tips are easy to follow and read.

For example:


5. Create Controversial Videos

We all have a curious urge to watch suspenseful or shocking videos. Using this strategy could quite literally make you LinkedIn famous while generating vast exposure across your industry.


The goal is to give an alternative spin to whatever new’s piece or controversial topic is happening in your field. And guess what? LinkedIn’s analytics suggest year after year that people love to watch comical content relatable to their struggles or stir the pot somehow.

People are always searching for more engaging content to sustain their informative and creative desires. Getting your viewers to watch videos keeps them on the site longer, developing a greater engagement time and connection for your profile.


6. Pose A Challenge For Your Audience

Another thing that is important besides engagement is the participation of your audience. Whenever your audience is engaged and active on your posts, LinkedIn gives that post higher ranks and displays it further than you could ever reach on your own.

To maintain an active audience, you should pose challenges for them. The task is simple; post a challenge and ask your audience to resolve it - For example, you can ask them some problems regarding their industry and ask whether they can acquire what they need or not. Everyone loves constructive and productive challenges. And as soon as they are done with it, try to give them remarks.

Provide them with suitable feedback along with an appreciation or giveaway for those who participated. This method naturally conjures up active engagement for your audience.

So say goodbye to more dull posts!


7. Ask A Survey-Style Question

Another strategy is to use questions for your posts. The thing is, people have a hard time ignoring questions. Just imagine when you are asked a question, no matter what it is about. It is very rare for you to go away with that question without answering it.



The question might be about goals, aims, or even preferences. For example, you can ask your audience to answer the most important thing for them in 2020. The options might include achieving goals, maintaining my business, having personal growth, and much more. LinkedIn loves whenever someone is using their site continuously. Therefore, the more engagement on your post, the higher it ranks among others. 

Even if they only answered in their head, they will still associate your brand name with something to ponder. You can really play with the human mind here. That’s a win/win for LinkedIn engagement and ultimate brand exposure. 


8. Post a Roundup of People You Admire

Every one of us has secret admirers we look up to. They might be valuable people with a high degree of achievements or even influencers. And not only this, they can be our boss, colleagues, or even our teachers. But what has the admiration of people to do with all of this?

LinkedIn has a unique way of connecting with recruiters, clients, or business partners. One way is to tag them wherever you want their eyes (i.e., posts, pictures, videos, etc.). It works the same way as when you tag your friends on a discussion post or even when you have something to show them off.

Tag your highest inspiration and provide a brief introduction about them. You can explain what is special about the person and how they have contributed to the industry. Doing this will increase activity on both your profiles and give your audience an idea of whom to follow.


9. Ask Your Network to Introduce Themselves

What can be a better way to socialize than asking your audience to introduce themselves? Of course, we are not talking about formal interviews or writing up resumes. However, your audience can still introduce themselves using a brief introduction about them.

No need to read extensive and boring introductory statements. Simply just ask your audience to drop their name and industry along with professional or personal goals and/or vision. Another tool is to post quotes that reflect your connections' importance and ask them to drop comments about them. 

Be mindful that LinkedIn might be a professional site, but it is also a great way to socialize personally. You can join new connections and groups with the same interests as yours. 


10. List Job Postings

As we all know, the main reason LinkedIn was created was to connect recruiters and employers to new hires and to expand your professional portfolio. For this purpose, boost your profile by adding job postings in list format. It doesn’t matter whether the business is your own or promoting a connection’s business; a listing makes it clear.

People find lists a lot easier to read than paragraphs. Even we find it boring to read paragraphs instead of bullet points. So instead, try to add bullet points to your profile about the available recruiters or those looking for an employee. It is not important to make the listing confined to your industry. This allows an entirely new audience to be interested in your profile because you benefit them in some way or another. 


Final Words

To sum it up, gaining LinkedIn exposure and maintaining it is not a piece of cake. However, you will have an easier time setting up your digital empire with the right tips. Utilize a few of the points mentioned in this article to get the most out of your LinkedIn experience. 

If you need more help, don't forget to download "30 Ways to Cultivate an Audience on LinkedIn." It is completely free. 

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