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2 Reasons to Use Video Interviews for Hiring Interior Designers (Video)

hiring hiring interior designers how to attract quality candidates how to hire Jul 25, 2023

Are you an interior designer looking for new recruitment strategies? Or a business owner searching for the best candidates to hire? Regardless of your area of expertise, video interviews can be invaluable tools in the assessment process. Customize your hiring process by taking advantage of modern technology and creating an efficient virtual onboarding system that allows you to quickly identify experienced professionals capable of meeting all necessary qualifications.

In this video post, we'll discuss two key benefits that come with using video interviews when recruiting interior designers. After watching the video, check out "How to Use Video to Attract and Acquire Talented Interior Designers."


Video Script: 

Hey, Interior Designers! I'm Jacqueline Green, the founder of Behind the Design. We're here to empower designers like you and help you excel in your careers and businesses.

Today, I want to discuss the significant impact of video interviews on the quality of your hiring decisions.

Firstly, video interviews are incredibly valuable in minimizing the risk of making a bad hire. By incorporating video interviews into your recruitment process, you can easily identify candidates who may not be the right fit for your position or company culture. This prevents you from solely relying on resumes, which can sometimes be deceptive.

Secondly, video interviews provide a more accurate assessment of candidates. By observing their body language, facial expressions, and real-time responses to questions, recruiters gain a deeper understanding of who they truly are and how well they would integrate into your company.

In summary, video interviews offer a powerful tool to ensure that you're making optimal hiring decisions. Be sure to check out our blog article "How to Use Video to Attract and Acquire Talented Interior Designers" Don't miss out on this opportunity to maximize the quality of your hires. Thank you for your attention.

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