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3 Proven Strategies to Help You Get More Testimonials

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Client testimonials are incredibly important to establish trust and credibility with prospects. But, how do you get clients to give you testimonials or review you online. In this video, I am going to share with you 3 strategies to help you get more from your clients. 

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Follow along with script: 

Encouraging client reviews and testimonials is essential for your business to create trustworthy and credibility. Your prospects look at you and want to know that you've helped other people with their problem. Whatever that problem is they want to know that you serve the community and we're able to solve a problem.

But how do you get those testimonials customer testimonials? How do you ask for reviews? I'm going to give you three strategies three easy strategies that you can Implement today and help you get more customer reviews and testimonials,.

Okay you ready for this? Great. My name is Jackie Green and I'm from Behind the Design and I help interior designers and other creatives that own businesses to create more profitable businesses through revenue strategies and smart marketing techniques. Its that simple.

My first strategy is ask your client for a review! It's that simple. All you have to do is ask. So many times we get busy in our life we've gotten great service and we think oh we should leave them a review but we don't do it. Why? It is that we just don't think about it. Your client doesn't think about it.

So you need to tell your client "hey can you leave me a review? That really helps me in getting more clients and for me to help more people." So ask for it. I know designers who will not actually don't like to send their invoices out. Isn't that silly. It is silly is not to ask for review.

If you gave them great service, ask them for that review. Now with that said, you have to make it easy for them give them. If you want them to do that online show them exactly what you want them to do. Give them instructions. I know some people write it and then send to the client and make sure the client approves it. 

It's that easy you need those client reviews and testimonials and you got to make it easy.

Okay my second strategy is related more to interior designers. We often take pictures before and after a project.  We like to show the before and afters because everyone loves it. But no matter what creative field you're in, you can do before and after type work.

So you're going to take the before and after shots and you're going to create social posts. You're going to post it out there and tag your client. The other thing you're going to do, and I'll tell you what that does in just a minute, is you're going to send some of those posts to your client and ask them to post it on their site.

So first of all if you're posting on your side you're getting your own audience.  If you tag your client, it's opening it up for them to be able to make comments as well opening up to even a larger audience.

One that's engagement and social platforms love that stuff. The second thing if you give it to them and they're out bragging again you're opening up the number of people that you are reaching and so try to expand. That you're making it again easy.

Now with interior design and somebody gets a new kitchen,  a new space new offices they love to brag about it because it's beautiful right. That's what you were supposed to do. It's beautiful. It's functional. It's awesome. And so you want to encourage them. That you want to encourage them to share and say "Hey this company help me get this done." "This designer help me get this done."

My third tip, my last tip, make it part of your process if you have a hard time asking directly -  can you give me a review? Okay, add it to your email signature. Add it to your invoices at the bottom of the invoices. "If you liked our service, please click here to leave us a review."

It's that simple. Send a survey to them and ask a couple questions. Now surveys, let's be careful with this because in some cases some companies go overboard surveys. Every time I go to Sam's Club there's a survey. I don't need a survey every time I leave Sam's Club.  if you're going to give a survey you need to make sure it's very pointy and you're asking questions that are truly going to help you build your business and offer a better customer experience.

So be mindful of not only the number of questions you ask, what kind of questions you ask, but those questions are actually going to do something with.

Okay all right the fourth little tip I have related how to put this part of your processes is to send a gift or a thank you note after the fact - thanking them for working with them saying I love working with you this is a great project. I appreciate it.  Will you please give me a review or testimonial simple as that if you love working with them they most likely love working with you.

So those are my tips those are three strategies if you try any one of those three strategies are all three you're going to see your business grow. People want to know that you've worked with other people.

Hopefully you found this really helpful you can find more of these great tips on my website and also if you want to chat about one of your ideas about the strategy about a problem, you're having scheduled 30 minute with me.

I have this 30 minute call called "Let's Chat Strategy" and we talk through one of your biggest challenges what can I help you with and you can see that on and I will see you next time with more great tips.



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