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3 Tips to Increase your Company's LinkedIn Followers

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 Check out these three tips to increase your followers on LinkedIn.

Video Script: 

Hi, Jackie Green here from GAI’s Behind the design, where we are building a stronger design community by reimagining training, education, and support for interior designers. 

I wanted to pop in today and talk about LinkedIn and how you can increase your design firm’s followers. I have to be honest; I love LinkedIn, and I write about it a lot on our blog, Behind the Design. As the only professional-driven social site, I have great luck finding new clients and vendors that I would not find elsewhere. 

With that said, I know many interior designers may not be using it to the fullest. Therefore, I want to give you three quick tips on how to expand your network. These tips have helped me build my network, and they cost zero dollars. 

First, if you haven’t set up a company page, be sure to take advantage of this feature. A company page can help you market your business and share news with a larger audience. With a company page, you have control over a marketing funnel to post, attract new followers, and send them to your website. However, in the end, you don’t actually own your audience on social media accounts. Hence you always want to capture your target audience’s information through your website.

Second, while you are at it, review and update your personal profile. Many people don’t take advantage of this real estate. If you need help with either, check out our blog, as we have several articles on using LinkedIn to grow your interior design business or career. 

My first tip, and probably the most obvious, is to ask your current connections to follow your company page. When people follow your company page, they will see the updates you post on their feed. If you post on your feed and the company feed, doubling the number of posts in your connections feed. Additionally, if your connections like a post, then their connections see it. This maximizes your audience without spending a dime. 

LinkedIn makes it easy to ask your connections to follow your page. Along the right side of your company admin page, a section named “Invite connections to follow.” If you click on the link “Invite More Connections, then you can invite up to 100 connections to follow you each month. Select the people you think will benefit from your page and simply hit invite. 

Tips number 2 is to post on your feed, inviting people to follow your company page. You can do this with a static post, or if you want to get creative, try a video. Again, be sure to include the hook and how the connection will benefit from following your company.

My third tip is to post business or marketing updates consistently on your personal and company feed. I post every day, but you may not have time for that. Come up with a schedule  - maybe Monday and Wednesday – and stick to it. You can use social media software to schedule these ahead of time. We use, but there are several resources that can help you. Not sure what to post, don’t worry; I have an entire list of ideas to cultivate your audience on our website. 

If it is a project you worked on that is currently under construction, even better. In a not-so-obvious way, slide in your comments on how you are excited to see how the restroom tile you picked turns out. Then, you can share their updates, along with additional comments, and refer your audience to see finish boards or perspectives on your company page. To do this, just click the share button below the content, then write up a quick blurb and add a link. It is that simple. 

Those are my three tips for today. They don’t cost any money but may take some time. I suggest scheduling it into your schedule, so you don’t forget. If you have a tip, share it with our community in the comments below or send us a quick DM. And, don’t forget to connect with us on the GA Interior Solutions’ Company page on LinkedIn. 

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