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Book Review: The High 5 Habits by Mel Robbins

behind interior design business book review career growth emerging professionals personal development self help books Jun 26, 2023
Jacqueline Green's Review of The High Five Habit on Behind the Design

Book Overview:

Mel Robbins writes an excellent self-help book that shares the power of high-fiving yourself each morning. But don't worry, this isn't about high-fiving everyone, just yourself. Mel shares the science behind celebrating yourself through a high five each morning will retrain your brain to take control of your life.

Why I Picked this Book to Read...

After taking time off to care for my son, I struggled with low self-esteem. My negative talk was getting worse over the winter. I picked up this book because I like Mel Robbins, and her messages resonate well. The title doesn’t do it justice because it is much more than just high-fiving yourself every morning. 

What I Learned: My Three Take Aways

  1. Mel talks about how we torture ourselves through self-talk, which I definitely do. She shares tactics to stop the self-hate talk and celebrate your value. Mel teaches you how to love yourself. 
  2. The book gives the science behind our brains and how to flip a limiting belief into a growth mindset belief—rather than dwelling on limiting beliefs, immediately switching them to a positive one. 
  3. “You must take risks and believe in yourself.” We all struggle with limiting ourselves, but this sentence resonated with me. I need to take the risk of putting myself out there to succeed. 

Who Should Read this Book…

Anyone struggling with self-doubt, negative talk, or limiting beliefs. 

Where to Buy…

My Amazon Link

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