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Overcoming the Fear of Networking in 3 Easy Steps (Video)

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In this video, I am sharing 3 easy tips to help you get more comfortable with networking. Networking was not my thing. But I made it a priority this year, and I am meeting and connecting with great people doing amazing things. Watch the video and let me know if these tips helped you.

Don’t forget to check out “The 12 Do’s and 10 Don’ts That Will Have You Networking Like a Pro.”

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Follow along with Script

Hello, Interior Designers. I'm Jacqueline Green from GAI's Behind the Design, and today I'm here to talk to you about overcoming the fear of networking.

As interior designers, networking can be intimidating; as a result, you may be avoiding it. But I'm here to tell you that networking is essential for any interior designer who wants to grow their career or business.

In a recent article, I share 12 Do's and 10 Don'ts to help you network like a pro. So here are three quick tips to help you build your confidence and get the most out of networking.

First, set small goals. Make a list of people you want to meet and plan on attending a certain number of events each month. This will help keep you motivated and track your progress. Think about connecting people who may have the same target audience, such as financial advisors.

Second, craft purposeful questions to ask when the conversation stalls. A good question might be, "What is the best thing that happened to you this week" or "What are you working on that is exciting you?" By being prepared with a handful of questions, you will never be at a loss as to what to say. Just be sure to listen to the answer.

Finally, be yourself. You don't need to put on a show to make an impression. Just be genuine, be friendly, and be interested in what other people have to say.

These tips will help you become comfortable with networking and build your confidence. If you found these tips helpful, be sure to share this video and the Behind the Website with your colleagues. I wish you all the best with your networking efforts. Don't forget to join me at

If you found these tips helpful, be sure to share this video and the Behind the Website with your colleagues. I wish you all the best with your networking efforts. Don't forget to join me at

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