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Style Everlasting: Why Solid Bronze Windows Are a Timeless (And Surprisingly Attainable) Option

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Why Solid Bronze Windows Are a Timeless Choice

Sponsored Post by Renaissance-Genuine Solid Bronze


Metal windows can trace their history back to Medieval times when they were handmade by blacksmiths. Today, the manufacturing process has changed dramatically – but the overall look and feel of this timeless design choice has stayed largely the same.

Metal windows are feted by designers and architects because of their unique character, with their refined and elegant profile and unique light refraction properties lending distinctiveness and charm to almost any building.

But as with most architectural features, all metal windows are not created equal. Most are made from aluminum or steel – but there’s another, even more beautiful option, and that’s solid bronze.

So why bronze for windows and doors? Isn’t it inaccessibly-priced? What other products can be made from it? And how sustainable is it?

We approached the team from Renaissance Genuine Solid Bronze, a San Antonio-based firm specializing in solid bronze architectural products, for answers to these and some other questions about this timeless, luxurious material.


What is bronze, and why is it good for windows?

Bronze is a metal alloy traditionally composed of copper and tin. Other metals, including zinc, manganese, nickel, and aluminum, are sometimes added. Bronze is one of the hardest metals on the planet and has traditionally been used where extreme corrosion resistance is required. For example, the Statue of Liberty and many other famous sculptures are made from bronze.

The innate hardness of bronze means that it can be extruded into very slender, elegant forms without losing structural integrity, which makes it ideal for manufacturing fine fenestration systems that blur the boundaries between indoors and out, maximizing light and leaving views of the surrounding landscape unobstructed.

What should I look for in a solid bronze window?

The main thing to look for in solid bronze windows is that they are actually solid bronze. Many companies promoting bronze windows are actually selling steel or other types of metal frames with a thin bronze coating or a bronze-colored paint finish.

Only genuine, solid bronze offers the structural integrity and corrosion resistance that warrant investment in this stunning and timeless material.


Are bronze windows very expensive?

Any high-quality metal fenestration system represents a significant proportion of the overall budget for the construction or renovation of a luxury home. After all, the windows and doors are what make the building envelope weathertight, and have a huge impact on its energy efficiency.

However, people are often surprised to learn that solid bronze windows are only around 10-15% more expensive than a premium quality steel window system. But unlike steel, solid bronze can last for hundreds of years without the need for regular treatments or maintenance and has the potential to save homeowners time and money across the lifespan of the product.


Is bronze a sustainable material?

All metals score well on the sustainability front because of their long lifespan and recyclability, and bronze is no different. Compared to steel windows, bronze is arguably even more sustainable because of its longer lifespan and corrosion resistance, which means that none of the metal is lost or worn away over time. Once in situ, solid bronze architectural products have the potential to last for centuries - but should it be required, they are completely and infinitely recyclable in the here and now.


What other architectural products can be made from bronze?

As well as window and door systems, bronze can be used to manufacture many other design features inside and outside the home.

As specialists in glazed bronze units, Renaissance Genuine Solid Bronze also specializes in deluxe bronze shower enclosures and high-end wine cellar enclosures for luxury homes. These products offer many of the same benefits as their window and door systems, including advanced weatherstripping that enables efficient cooling of wine cellars and superb corrosion resistance that ensures a shower enclosure will never rust.

Of course, the same visual characteristics that make bronze so appealing for exterior features like windows and doors also apply to interiors. RGSB can hand-apply a patina coating to help the bronze achieve an aged finish right away – or opt for an unlacquered finish and watch as time and patience transform its surface into a uniquely characterful feature in your home.


Want to know more?

If you’d like to learn more about solid bronze windows, doors and other interior products, the specialist team at RGS Bronze will be only too happy to help – learn more on their website.


About Renaissance Genuine Solid Bronze
Renaissance Genuine Solid Bronze specializes in bespoke architectural bronze products for luxury homes and commercial properties. Discover heritage-grade windows & doors, shower enclosures and wine cellars, handcrafted for the discerning individual and exuding the irresistible warmth and natural character of bronze.



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