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How to Turn Your Hobby into a Profitable Business


How many of you started your business because you really disliked your job? Maybe it was your manager? Maybe it was the projects you were working on? Maybe it was just wanting something different - wanted more flexibility or control over your life.

This masterclass helps guide you to build a profitable business. We will delve into the three pillars that I have identified for moving your hobby business into a profitable business that you can eventually sell.

Do you want to know what the pillars to a profitable business? Mindset, Systems, & Habits.

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Reimagining Education, Training, and Support

for Interior Designers.


At Behind the Design we offer interior designers unrivaled education, marketing and business courses, software training, marketing services, and coaching you need to make more money, gain more visibility, and create careers and businesses you love.

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Are you an interior designer looking to connect with like-minded professionals, gain exclusive insights, and advance your career in the world of design? By joining the Behind the Design Community we offer you a creative gateway to a world of opportunities, knowledge, and support.

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25 Simple Ways for You to Drive More Website Traffic

We're excited to have 25 powerful tips to help drive more visitors to your site. These actionable strategies are completely free and designed to help you boost your online presence and grow your audience. Dive in and start attracting more traffic to your website today!
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150 Blog Posts Your Audience is Going to Love

150 amazing blog topics for residential, commercial interior designers, and architects. Plus a free cheat sheet with tips for creating the best blogs. These free blogging topics are a great way to start attracting more traffic to your website through blogging.
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An Interior Designer's Guide to Building a Profitable Sales Funnel

Check out this brainstorm guide and uncover the 5 stages of a sales funnel; the series of steps a customer takes before purchasing. Plus, 10 tips to an effective sales funnel. 
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The Complete Guide to Get Started Creating Video Content

Creating video content for your business, brand, or career is one of the most effective ways to convey your message to your audience. It is a great way to showcase the most important aspects of your business in a personal, interactive way.
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20 Simple Ways Interior Designers Can Drive More Website Traffic

Your website is the storefront of your interior design business. Unfortunately, it may be suffering from a much-needed makeover. We have 20 simple ways you can increase your website traffic.
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The Complete Guide to Get Started Creating Video Content

You want to stand out to your clients as someone they can count on to be responsive and engaged. But, at the same time, too much availability can lead to burnout. This is why setting boundaries is important.
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30 Ways to Cultivate an Audience

Not sure how to engage your connections on LinkedIn. We can help. This free guide gives you valuable tips on building relationships and generating leads on LinkedIn. Download it today and get started building a community.
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The visionary behind Behind the Design. As the founder, CEO, and Chief Strategist of our training and education company, Jacqueline's mission is to empower interior designers and creative entrepreneurs with the tools they need to thrive in the business world.

With a background in commercial interior design, marketing, and teaching, Jacqueline noticed the challenges faced by talented designers and architects, which led her to establish Behind the Design in 2018. Her goal? To redefine the way we educate and support designers beyond their college years, fostering a stronger design community.

Beyond her passion for design and education, Jacqueline finds joy in life's simple pleasures. Whether she's wrangling her two Rottweilers, Bruno and Knox, or sharing laughs with her loved ones, her journey from Indianapolis to Highlands Ranch has been marked by unexpected reunions and a heartwarming love story with her high-school sweetheart, now her husband. With two grown sons adding to the delightful chaos, Jacqueline's life is a beautiful mix of love, laughter, and a whole lot of Rottweiler-sized excitement.

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