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Introducing SketchUp for Beginners Digital Course with Live Training

3d modeling with sketchup how to sketchup learn sketchup sketchup training Aug 25, 2021
Learn SketchUp Pro with an Interior designer

When I created a SketchUp digital course for beginners, I wanted to make sure students walked away feeling confident in using the program. That started with analyzing learning styles and what enhancements were needed for learning online. With many people struggling to learn online, creating something catered to all learning styles was important. We are introducing SketchUp for Beginners digital course mixed with one-on-one live training to help students at difficult points in the journey.  

SketchUp for Beginners is filled with easy-to-follow instructional videos with exercises to help maximize learning. Through six modules, you will learn how to use the program, including best practices and quick tips to help your modeling.

Course Modules:

Module 1: Introduction to SketchUp Pro

What you will learn in Module 1:

  • Opening, Saving, & Closing a Model
  • The Interface Tour
  • Navigating SketchUp
  • Changing Your View
  • Stay on Axes
  • Understanding SketchUp’s Faces & Edges
  • What are Shortcuts

Module 2: Basic Drawing in 2D

What you will learn in Module 2:

  • How to Draw an Edge with the Line Tool
  • How to Use the Rectangle Tool
  • How to Use the Circle Tool
  • How to Draw Arcs
  • How to Draw Polygon
  • How to Use the Protractor Tool
  • Offsetting a Face
  • How (and Why) to Group Geometry
  • How to Create a Simple Floor Plan with a Door

Module 3: Moving from 2D to 3D

What you will learn in Module 3:

  • How to Push/Pull 2D to 3D
  • Groups vs. Components
  • Cutting Holes in 3D Geometry
  • Moving Geometry along all Axes
  • How to Copy Geometry
  • Creating Multiple Copies in Multiple Ways
  • Rotating Geometry
  • How to Scale Geometry
  • Introduction to the 3D Warehouse

Module 4: Organizing and Viewing

What you will learn in Module 4:

  • Introduction to Tags
  • Importance of Scenes
  • Placing Sections
  • Introducing the Outliner
  • Building a Kitchen
  • Adding Doors & Molding
  • Introducing Camera Tools

Module 5: All About Materials

What you will learn in Module 5:

  • Introducing Material Bucket
  • Applying Materials to Geometry
  • Importing Materials
  • Adding Floor & Wall Treatments
  • Editing & Adjusting Materials
  • Applying Materials to Curves
  • Creating a Materials Collection

Module 6: Sharing your Model

What you will learn in Module 6:

  • Introducing Styles
  • Shadows & Day/Time Settings
  • 2D Elevations & Floor Plans
  • How to Export a Jpeg
  • Creating Animation Videos
  • Introduction to Layout

Additionally, this course includes an optional live training program where you can work one-on-one with a skilled SketchUp trainer. Through this optional program, you have direct access to a trainer for 30-minute where you can screen share, ask questions, and boost your learning beyond the video tutorials.

To get the most out of this course, you will need a subscription to SketchUp Pro 2018 or newer, internet connectivity, and ideally a double screen to watch on one screen and follow along on the other screen. This course is recorded via SketchUp Pro for Windows users. Mac commands are slightly different; therefore, following along using a Mac may be confusing at first.

What you Get with Your Course Subscription Price

SketchUp for Beginners Digital Course includes:

  • Six modules packed with 7 to 10 video lessons with software demonstrations
  • Another 3 to 5 bonus videos per module
  • Exclusive Access to our SketchUp Learners Facebook Page– Ask a question or share insights with your community. 
  • Two 30-minute one-on-one tutoring sessions with our SketchUp expert ($150 Value)
  • Unlimited access to our SketchUp Tips & Tutorial Library
  • Ongoing access to this course

Cost: 4 Payments of $99

You can start anytime, learn on your own timeline, and revisit the course as often as you need. Register today.


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