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Online Training Courses Designed for Interior Designers

training for interior designers in SketchUp Pro and AutoDesk Revit

Training Courses in Revit & SketchUp for All Levels

The interior design industry is quickly shifting, making it increasingly necessary to continually educate yourself on the latest software. We offer digital software training in SketchUp Pro and Revit.

SketchUp for Beginners

GAI’s Behind the Design is excited to launch our new SketchUp for Beginners Course. Filled with easy-to-follow instructional videos, this course is ideal for interior designers or decorators interested in learning how to use SketchUp to build 3D models that sell their design ideas. This course includes 6 modules plus two 30-minute live training sessions. Read more details about the course.

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SketchUp Tips & Tutorials Library (FREE)

In this competitive market, you need an edge. More and more clients are demanding 3D renderings. SketchUp is a great resource. If you are a beginner or just need some reminder tips, we can help. We have a free library of SketchUp tutorials available for designers. Sign up today, and you have access to the library for free.

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Revit Modify Tools (FREE)

Often, interior designers just need to make a quick modification to a Revit file. This mini Revit course will help refresh your memory on making modifications such as trimming, mirroring, copying, and more. These 3 – 5-minute videos demonstrate how to use each Revit modify tool and include the exercise files that allow you to follow along and practice. After completing all 6 videos, you will feel a lot more confident making small changes in Revit.

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Beginner Revit for Interior Designers (Pre-Register)

You have been putting it off, but now you are finding more and more jobs requiring Revit skills. This course is designed explicitly for Interior Designers to help you learn Revit for your job. Don’t waste your time learning functions that you will never use. This course teaches you practical ways to use Revit for Interior Design purposes. Pre-register today, and we will send you a note when this course launches.

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Online Learning Not for You?

 Don’t worry; we have several live options to help you learn. We offer One-on-One Training and In-Person Training. Complete the form for more information. 

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