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Software Training for Interior Designers

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Training Programs Designed for Individual Interior Designers

A Different Approach to Revit & SketchUp Training 

At Behind the Design, we approach training a bit differently.

First, we focus on interior designers. Our training programs are designed and created by an interior designer, enabling us to understand your needs and use modeling software entirely.

Second, we use a combination of digital and live training sessions that maximize each designers’ learning style. So whether you are a beginner or have some training already, we can help take your 3D modeling skills to the next level.

Finally, we focus on how you can maximize the software to grow your design business by providing ongoing support, resources, and refresher courses.

Interactive training can help a person learn quicker and retain the skills longer. Behind the Design’s training program meets your needs as an interior designer. Whether you need one person or multiple team members trained, Behind the Design is here to help.

Digital Training – Revit & SketchUp Pro

Our digital courses were created for busy design professionals and will teach you key principles through online videos, follow-along exercises, and advanced practice exercises. Additionally, we offer live, online demonstrations and Q&A sessions with an instructor. You will learn at your own pace through these courses while having a support channel to answer your pressing questions.

Available Courses

Onsite Revit Training & Support

Specifically developed for medium to large commercial interior design firms and departments, our live, customized training provides training, guidance, and support at your location while individuals learn Revit. Ideal for firms making the switch from CAD to Revit, we provide ongoing support via an onsite and online instructor. Interior design participants will also access a library of tutorials for moments where a refresher is needed. In addition, our customizable program evaluates your team’s skill level. It provides a program specific for the team to quickly and effectively apply the software principles and skills necessary.

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Individual Live Training – Revit & SketchUp Pro

Past training may not always stick, and as time passes, it is more challenging to recall key principles. Therefore, GAI evaluates the individual’s comfort and skill level, develops a customized training program, and provides one-on-one training. These training sessions are offered live via online web sessions, enabling the interior designer to view live demonstrations, work with the instructor at their own pace, and get the individual’s attention for a well-balanced understanding.

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Building a Stronger Interior Design Community by Reimagining Software Training Programs

As an interior designer and an adjunct instructor, I recognized a significant need for professional development for interior designers after school. In my experience working at several different architectural firms, I missed the opportunity to advance my career with professional development programs. I realized that we need to do a better job of developing our skills and our employees for a stronger future as an industry. Our company was created to be that training arm for design firms. We focus on helping you expand your professional skills in a way that works for you.

Jacqueline Green