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GAI Launches New Website Providing Professional Education & Training for Interior Designers 

August 31, 2021 - Highlands Ranch, Colorado: Many designers graduate from interior design school with big dreams but are thrown into a sink or swim environment where they struggle day after day. A lack of good leadership and training programs in the workplace has left designers without many advancement opportunities. Additionally, design schools don’t teach how to market a business, manage a team, or grow a career. Unless designers go to business school, the world of business can be incredibly confusing. GA Interior Solutions (GAI) is proud to announce a new online resource, “Behind the Design,” where interior designers can join a community and learn how to grow their skills beyond design school.

According to the ASID 2021 Outlook Report released July 2021, there are 14,914 interior design firms, but 93% of those firms have less than ten people, 83% are less than 4. Many of those are solopreneurs struggling to stay in business. The Chamber of website estimates that only 40% of small businesses turn a profit, while the other 60% are breaking even or losing money. Obviously, many factors play into whether a business survives. However, one of the biggest challenges is not knowing how to grow a profitable business.

GAI recognized a significant need in the design industry. Interior designers needed a place to learn new software geared to their specific needs, get career tips, and find actionable advice on running a business. Behind the Design is a dedicated resource specifically designed to meet the needs of interior designers.

The problem lies in that design schools can only teach so much in a limited time. The second problem designers encounter is staying abreast of using technology. And thirdly, a lack of leadership and mentorship has played a significant role in stifling designer engagement and career satisfaction. GAI wanted to help interior designers to ensure they don’t feel like they chose the wrong career or that they can’t be successful in running a business.

Through our resources, designers can get the information to succeed in their careers or business. They can find ways to stay abreast of technology, learn to market themselves, and build a brand that can turn a profit or grow beyond one person. Access to information is plentiful on the Internet but finding the right information pertaining to a designer's specific needs is missing. Behind the Design breaks it down in actionable ways that a designer can use.

It is time to build a stronger interior design community through education, training, and actionable resources. Visit the Behind the Design community today at


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GAI ( is building a stronger design community by reimagining education, training, and support for interior designers. We deliver educational content and business resources specifically designed for interior designers, helping build strong businesses and careers.


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