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How to be a Great Guest on a Podcast: 7 Actionable Tips for Designers

7 actionable tips for designers benefits of podcasting enhance your business with podcasts guest podcast successful podcast interview tips Dec 22, 2023
How to be a Great Guest on a Podcast: 7 Actionable Tips for Designers

How to be a Great Guest on a Podcast: 7 Actionable Tips for Designers


Podcasting has become popular for sharing knowledge and experiences on various topics, including interior design, creativity, and entrepreneurship. Podcasts have skyrocketed in popularity in recent years, becoming a favored source of information and entertainment for millions worldwide.

Podcasts have become increasingly popular across all audiences. This widespread popularity stems from the diversity of podcast content and the convenience of listening on-demand – attributes that resonate with busy, modern lifestyles.

Being a great guest on a podcast involves more than just showing up and chatting for a few minutes. In this blog post, I’ll share with you some tips on how to be a great guest on a podcast and make a lasting impression on the listeners.


How Podcasts Can Help You Grow Your Design Business

Being a guest on a podcast can significantly boost your small business, particularly in reaching a larger audience. When you share your expertise and insights on a podcast, you're showcasing your knowledge and establishing yourself as a thought leader in your industry.

Potential clients listening to the podcast will become aware of your brand and your unique design approach. They might feel connected to your shared values and aesthetic preferences, leading them to reach out for your services despite geographical distances.

Moreover, the on-demand nature of podcasts means your interview can be played repeatedly, extending its value over time. This extended reach and exposure can lead to an expansion of your client base, increased brand recognition, and numerous networking opportunities.


Benefits of Podcasting

  • Expanded Reach and Audience Engagement - Podcasts provide a platform to reach an engaged audience actively seeking valuable content. By participating in podcast interviews, you tap into established listener bases, exposing your brand to potential clients and collaborators within your industry.


  • Humanizing Your Brand - Podcasts offer a more personal touch than written content. Your audience gets to hear your voice, passion, and expertise, creating a stronger connection. This humanization can enhance your brand image and make you more relatable to potential clients.


  • SEO Benefits - Podcasts contribute to your online presence and SEO efforts. Podcast episodes often get transcribed, generating written content that can be indexed by search engines. This can boost your website's visibility and help potential clients discover your services.


  • Multi-Platform Exposure - Podcast episodes are typically available on various platforms, expanding your brand's reach across different channels. Whether listeners prefer Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or other platforms, you have the chance to be discovered on the platform of their choice.


  • Establishing Authority in Your Niche - Being a podcast guest allows you to share your knowledge and insights, positioning yourself as an authority in your field. This can lead to speaking opportunities, collaboration requests, and increased credibility within your industry.


The Podcasting Revolution: A Snapshot of the Landscape

Before delving into the specifics of podcast interviews, let's take a moment to understand the current podcasting landscape. According to the latest statistics, there are over 2 million podcasts available, with more than 48 million episodes as of 2022. The number of podcast listeners is steadily growing, with an estimated 116 million monthly listeners in the United States alone.

The popularity of podcasts isn't just limited to entertainment. They have become a valuable platform for business professionals, including interior designers and creative entrepreneurs, to share their expertise, connect with a targeted audience, and amplify their brand presence.

Leveraging podcast interviews can be a game-changer in your marketing strategy, offering a unique opportunity to showcase your skills and establish yourself as an authority in your niche.


Why Should Creative Professionals Embrace Podcast Interviews?

Creative professionals should embrace podcast interviews for a multitude of reasons. Firstly, it offers an incredible platform for brand storytelling. People connect with stories and experiences more than mere product descriptions. A podcast interview allows you to share your journey, your philosophy, and the passion that drives your creativity, thereby enabling listeners to forge a personal connection with your brand.

Secondly, podcast interviews can help establish you as an expert in your field. By sharing knowledge, insights, and experiences, you're not only providing value to listeners but also asserting your credibility and expertise. This can significantly enhance your professional reputation and build trust with potential clients or collaborators.

Lastly, podcast interviews can significantly expand your reach. With the rising popularity of podcasts, you have the opportunity to reach a diverse and engaged audience that extends beyond your usual networks. The on-demand nature of podcasts means your message, story, and brand can reach anyone, anywhere, at any time, giving your brand significant global exposure. This can lead to new opportunities, increased brand recognition, and, potentially, a broader client base.


Seven Tips for a Successful Podcast Interview

Now that we understand the benefits, let's dive into actionable tips on preparing and being an exceptional podcast guest.


Know the Podcast, Host, and Audience

Before accepting to appear on a podcast, make sure you understand the topic, the format, and the audience of the show. Research the host and their work, and discover what makes their show unique.

Understanding the topic and the audience will help you prepare your talking points and tailor your message to fit the show's vibe and the listeners' expectations.

Ask the host how you can serve their audience best, and be sure to tailor your talking points to meet the audience's needs and make the host look good.


Prepare Your Message to Meet the Audience

As a guest on a podcast, you have a limited time to share your ideas and insights. Therefore, it's essential to prepare your message in advance. Start by identifying the main points you want to make and the examples you want to use to illustrate them.

Craft a compelling opening statement that hooks the listeners' attention and sets the tone for the conversation. Often, the host will ask for questions to ask you prior to the interview. Prepare some questions for the host to ask you that will highlight your expertise and experience.

Practice delivering your message concisely, remembering that podcast episodes often have a limited timeframe. Be prepared to share anecdotes, case studies, or actionable tips that provide value to the listeners.


Be Present and Authentic

When you're on a podcast, remember that you're not just talking to the host but to a vast audience of listeners who are interested in what you have to say. Be present and engaged in the conversation, and avoid distractions like checking your phone or email.

Speak clearly and with passion, but also be authentic and vulnerable. The listeners want to connect with you personally, so be yourself and share your experiences and insights from the heart.

Speaking on a podcast requires a different set of skills than writing. Work on your tone, pace, and clarity. Avoid jargon that might be confusing to a broader audience. If possible, participate in public speaking or communication courses to enhance your on-air presence.


Give the Audience a Reason to Connect with You

One of the great things about podcasts is that listeners can connect with hosts and guests on a personal level. As a guest, you have the chance to make an impact and leave a lasting impression on the audience.

Be genuine and relatable in your conversation, share valuable insights and stories, and provide actionable takeaways for the listeners. This will not only make them want to follow you on social media or visit your website but also make them want to continue listening to the show and possibly even recommend it to others.

Consider making an offer to the audience, such as a discount code or freebie related to your expertise. This will not only make the listeners feel special but also give them a reason to connect with you outside of the podcast. Be prepared to mention your social channel handles.


Promote Yourself with Authenticity

As a guest on a podcast, you have a great opportunity to promote yourself and your work, as well as the show you're appearing on. Craft a compelling bio that will resonate with the audience, enticing them to connect with you. This bio should flow as the host often uses it to introduce you.

Before the interview, prepare some key messages about your business, brand, or project, and find ways to weave them into the conversation naturally. Don't be shy to mention your website, your social media handles, or your latest project, but do it in a way that adds value to the listeners.

Build Relationships with the Host

Cultivate relationships with podcast hosts beyond the interview. Engage with them on social media, share their content, and express gratitude for the opportunity. This can lead to repeat invitations, cross-promotional opportunities, and a network of valuable connections.

Follow up with the host after the interview. After the podcast has been released, don't forget to follow up with the host and show your appreciation for the opportunity.

Share the episode on your social media platforms and website, and continue to engage with the host and their audience. This can help strengthen your relationship with the host and potentially lead to future collaborations.


Promote the Episode Across All Marketing Channels

Once the episode is live, actively promote it across your social media channels, website, and email newsletters. Make it a part of your marketing strategy. Engage with the host to see if there are any collaborative promotional efforts you can undertake. This could involve sharing each other's content, hosting giveaways, or even recording a joint promo video.

Taking an interest in promoting the podcast shows the host your appreciation by helping the podcaster expand its reach and attract new listeners.

Promoting the episode across your channels will solidify you as an industry leader. Engage with the listeners by responding to comments, answering questions, and interacting with listeners. Pose questions to your audience on what they got out of the interview.

Leverage the Podcast Interview for Content Creation

A podcast interview is not just a one-time opportunity, but it can also serve as valuable content for your own platforms. You can repurpose the episode as a blog post, use quotes and sound bites for social media posts, or even create a video version of the interview. This helps you reach a wider audience and reinforces your expertise and credibility in your field.

Being a great guest on a podcast is an excellent way to share your expertise, inspire others, and promote your work. By understanding the topic and the audience, preparing your message, being present and authentic, promoting yourself and the show, and following up with gratitude, you can make a lasting impression on the listeners and the host.

Whether you're an experienced podcaster or a first-time guest, these tips will help you make the most of your time on the air and leave a positive mark on the show's legacy.

By strategically leveraging podcast interviews, interior designers and other creatives can amplify their brand visibility, connect with a broader audience, and establish themselves as authorities in their respective fields.


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